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This is the Cookie statement for Socio-technica Ltd, a consultancy company in matters technological and social.

Like most websites, also the website of Socio-technica places cookies on your device. Cookies are small text files that facilitate the interaction between websites and website users. For example, they allow the website to recognize repeated visits to the website by the same visitor. You can find more information on cookies here:

Our website relies on software that sets cookies for web security purposes. The cookies on our website process what is considered “personal data” under GDPR, namely, the IP addresses of visitors. On our website, the following software sets cookies that process personal data:


Wordfence is a web application security software whose cookies protect our website from attempted malicious attacks. This entails that it will have to process the IP addresses of the visitors on our website. Wordfence is owned by Defiant Inc, a US based company. For more information on the Wordfence cookies, please consult the Wordfence website:

The transfer of visitor data to Defiant over Wordfence cookies happens within terms that have been agreed upon contractually.

Defiant uses the following US-based subprocessors of data and may share some of the data with them: Amazon Web Services, ByteGrid, Freshworks, Mode Analytics and Twilio.

How to prevent cookies from being installed?

Your internet browser can be configured to prevent the installation of cookies as well as to disable already installed ones. The ways to do so vary based on the browser being used. Browser specific instructions are available at

Potential changes to our cookie practices

If we will change our cookie practices listed above, we will make the changes visible in this statement and date them. We will also give a clear notification of any significant changes to our cookie policy or ask for your consent for those changes when the applicable law so requires.

Last updated: 26.5.2020